Many Hong Kong movies, especially comedies, have underwritten plot.  Yet another class of Hong Kong movies are the exact opposite – 赤道 (Helios) (Blu-ray release 2015-8-14) is an ambitious movie with a great cast and an international story that requires multiple languages to tell.  A nuclear weapon is stolen from South Korea and the transaction is going to take place in Hong Kong.  So four parties are involved: the bad guys, Hong Kong police, Chinese government and Korean intelligence agency.

Each party has its own goals, making the plot complicated.  The different subplots for the different parties become distractions to the point that it is not clear what the focus or the main storyline is.  To make things worse, it is not clear what’s the motive of the government at all.  Some important characters choose to make stupid decisions near the end.  In spite of a very good production quality, this is still a disappointing effort.  At the end, something is not resolved, a threat appears, and the movie says that this is just a beginning, leaving a bad aftertaste.