Attack on Titan (Live Action) movie is adapted from the really popular manga of the same name.  Basically, humanity lives inside walls to avoid being attacked by titans.  One day titans managed to break through the walls.  I knew this adaptation was bad before I watched it, but I still felt sick after watching it.  Not because of people get eaten by titans – these are the (comparatively) fine scenes.  Most of the characters are either jerks, idiots or useless soldiers that cannot perform what they were trained to do, so perhaps they deserve to be eaten anyway.

This adaptation does not really adapt the original story, but instead creates a new story based on the names of the characters and most of the major concepts from the original story.  The critical flaws of this movie is that it threw away what worked in the original story, and replaced them with something much inferior.  This new story is filled with worthless melodrama, plot progression based on repeated stupidity, a love triangle that is given minimal development, another romantic development that does not work, humor that is out of place and simply fails, and a mysterious character that comes out of nowhere but affects the plot in a major way without any background or explanation.

Note 1: During the credits there’s a trailer for Part 2.

Note 2: The quality of this live action adaptation of Attack on Titan has no relation to the anime adaptation, which is really good.