Air (Blu-ray release 2015-8-3) says that Earth is devastated by chemical weapons, air becomes toxic, so selected scientists are put into deep sleep in underground facilities.  These facilities are maintained by two guys, who wake up from deep sleep periodically.  An accident destroys one of their deep sleep chambers, they need to find some means to go into deep sleep again before their limited air runs out.

This sounds like a good enough sci-fi idea, but the potential is wasted here.  In spite of a numeric countdown of the remaining air, this movie fails to generate tension.  Part of the problem is caused by its weak screenplay, which contains far fewer events than typical survival movies like Gravity (2013).  At some point mistrust grows between the two men due to poorly conceived reasons and an unreasonable and unexplained action.  It ends with a entirely forgettable chase.  The only good thing is that it discovers a truth behind the facilities, but unfortunately that truth is not explored further.