Every once in a while we get really new story ideas, and they often come from Japanese manga.  Whereas the live action adaptation of Attack on Titan (2015) ruined it, Assassination Classroom (Blu-ray release 2015-9-25) succeeded.  In fact this is probably the most unusual idea I have watched this year.

An octopus-like creature is said to be an alien, destroyed parts of the moon, and the military of the whole world are unable to kill it.  It threatened to destroy the planet, unless it is allowed to teach and train up a class of students such that the students can assassinate it before the deadline.  In spite of its nature it actually is a good teacher, and inspired the students to study hard.  Without spoiling the movie, I’ll only say it’s very interesting, funny and heartwarming, and progresses at a good pace.

As for the flaws of the movie, the casting choice of a villain is odd.  He looks too childish and cute to be a villain.  There is a romantic subplot that does not go anywhere, but perhaps it may in the 2016 sequel.  The mystery background of the alien is not completely revealed in this movie, but I’m sure we’ll learn more in the 2016 sequel.