Tomorrowland (Blu-ray release 2015-10-13) teaches the importance of not giving up.  Its concept is good, but the movie is disappointing.  Early on the viewers are shown how great Tomorrowland is.  In spite of the title, most of the time the movie is not in Tomorrowland but trying to get there instead, while running away from bad guys.  When they finally get there, it’s not so good.  It’s underwhelming, and so is the movie.

The protagonist is annoying initially, and is said to be able to change the world.  The way she changes it is also underwhelming, which is no different from what typical action movies do.  The movie spent a significant amount of time revealing George Clooney’s character’s past, although it does not help with the main plot at least it’s potentially more interesting.  The Tomorrowland when he saw as a child is totally different from the current state.  Again it may have been more interesting to see how and why it degenerates severely.