I thought Iron Girl (2012) would be a female rip-off of Iron Man, but no, not even close.  Iron Girl, with no memory of her own and wearing a sexy iron armor, happens to find a woman being molested by several bad guys.  Turns out that there is a gang of bad guys who have been attacking the woman’s village for a long time.  Iron Girl trains the villagers and helps them fight back.

Nothing interesting or worthy to watch occurred during the whole time.  It plays like an episode of a masked rider show stretched to movie length, but with far more time-wasting dialogue, and very poor action sequences – again below the standard of an average TV masked rider.  Even the climax steals an idea from masked rider.

It is hard to understand why this trash gets a sequel.  Perhaps there are enough fans of Japanese AV actress Kirara Asuka to justify it.

Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (Blu-ray release 2015-9-25) feels like a totally different movie.  Although the Iron Girl and her costume is the same, and she still has no memory of her past, everything else is changed with a new background of her world.  Therefore it is not necessary to watch the 2012 movie first before watching this.  She has become a bounty hunter, killing new bad guys and getting money in the hope of buying a device that may help her recover her memory.

The goods news is that the sequel is better.  The bad news is that it’s merely upgraded from trash to average.  The action sequences are tolerable now with comparatively better sword fights.  The sets and cinematography are also better.  It makes better use of the AV actress’s body with more nudity, although simulated sex scenes are provided by a supporting character only.