I have said before stop motion movies made nowadays are all very good movies.  The Little Prince (2015) continues this trend.  Instead of extending the short story to movie length, this adaptation of the book smartly chooses to embed the original story, in stop motion animation of characters made of paper shot in Canon EOS 6D, in a new CG story about a little girl.  She meets her new neighbor, who happens to be the aviator from The Little Prince, but is now an old man and shares with her his encounter with the prince.

This is a charming movie that can be appreciated by both children and adults, on the themes of childhood vs growing up, and of course, love.  I like the story-within-story structure.  I love the stop motion.  I love the paper characters, who are done exceedingly well and significantly charming.  Although I like the overall story, there is a continuity issue between the book ending and the extended encounter with the girl in the climax.

For me, this is the best animated movie in 2015 – Inside Out is not my type of movie, even though everyone loves it.