The Japanese horror movie Eyes (Blu-ray release 2015-12-2) is adapted from a novel written by Koji Suzuki, who wrote Ring and Dark Water.  A school girl finds that her apartment name plate is marked with a character ‘F’.  Her classmate dies in a traffic accident.  She sees ghostly apparitions.  Her mother is cold to her and ordered her to clean the marking.  After it is cleaned, another marking ‘A’ appeared the next day.

Much of the movie is slow paced, which is not necessarily a problem if it has enough story or scares, but it does not (although it still has more plot than something like Ju-On series).  A bigger problem is that the girl does not look really scared by those ghostly apparitions.  In conjunction with the low frequency of scares it makes this horror movie not scary at all.  An even bigger problem is that when the secret is finally revealed, it is underwhelming to a level that is only slightly better than “it’s all a dream”.  It makes the death of the classmate irrelevant, undermines the already ineffective scares, and is not significant in supporting the characters’ prior discussion of fate.