Love & Peace (Blu-ray release 2015-11-25) is a Japanese fantasy drama.  A social outcast bought a tiny turtle and told it his dream of becoming a rock star.  Bringing the turtle to work, he is humiliated, then he flushed it down the toilet but immediately regretted it.  The turtle is rescued in the sewer by a kind man, who also takes care of talking toys and pets abandoned by others.  The man wants to give it a magical candy such that it can talk, but by mistake it is fed a candy that grants wishes instead.  The turtle wishes for his former owner to become a rock star, and he does.  The catch is that every time the turtle fulfils a wish, it grows to become bigger.

This is a truly unique movie and well liked by critics.  I find the revelation of the true identity of the kind man to be interesting.  I like turtle so I love the climax too (which would be out of place if this were not a Japanese movie), but as a fairy tale, its human protagonist is not likeable.  Imagine a Cinderella who becomes the same kind of bad person like her evil sisters.  People who do not need the protagonist in a fairy tale to be a good person will be able to properly enjoy this Christmas movie more than I do, and appreciate its various themes and messages, e.g. greed and consumerism.