Our Little Sister / Umimachi Diary (Blu-ray release 2015-12-16) is a live action adaptation of a manga.  Three sisters invite their little half sister to live with them, after the funeral of their father.  Instead of creating conflicts, the little sister integrates into the family exceedingly well.  She chooses to avoid mentioning her own mother or their father, because she bears the guilt of her mother of taking the father away from the three sisters.

Nothing too dramatic happens.  Even a heated argument between the elder sister and her mother is quickly suppressed by others.  That is not to say the movie is bad, however.  The movie shows the warmth of a family through details and little moments.  The importance of living with a family is contrasted with patients needing to live in the hospital for terminal care, and the death of a supporting character.  For those who do not need melodrama, this is an understated charming lovely movie.