Love (Blu-ray release 2016-1-11) is about a man who received a call from the mother of his ex-girlfriend, who has been missing.  He loved her, and still does, but is living with another woman after getting the latter one pregnant.  From this point on, he recalls the sex, talking, sex, arguments, sex, drugs, and sexual adventures they had.  Notable for the real sex depicted, this movie aims to portray real sex regular people do as opposed to porn which is fantasy.  It has a number of shots showing the protagonist’s penis, a number of ejaculation shots, and one (or two) of them that actually shoots directly at the audience, in 3D.

Its “regular” sex is actually not too regular for regular people, but perhaps I’m being conservative.  Just as there can be too many gun fights in an action movie, there can be too many sex scenes in a romance drama.  Why have I focused on the sex so far?  That’s because its story is rather simple and there’s not much to talk about.  Comparing romance dramas, I’d say this movie is weaker than the several ones I have recently written about.