Much has been written on how bad Pan (Blu-ray release 2015-12-22) is.  Here’s my take.  I love origin stories as much as I need movies to have closure.  However, Pan makes the fatal mistake of spending almost the entire movie not being Peter Pan.  So the audience is ripped of the potential joy in seeing superheroes perform superhero duty.  Fantasy Four (2015) made the same mistake and flopped.  Batman Begins (2005) and both Spider-man origin movies (2002, 2012) had very good allocation of screen time between establishing the origin stories and kicking bad guys’ asses.

Although I subjectively feel the Oliver Twist style opening is very odd for a Peter Pan movie, it is not entirely unacceptable were the remaining parts of the movie good enough.  However, the rest of the movie just does not feel like a Peter Pan movie.  Okay, I see Hook, although not as a villain as I expect him to be.  Where’s the never grow up theme?  Where’s Tinker Bell?  Where’s Wendy?  I’m also not excited about the climax.  Visually it looks fine.  (Spoiler)  The problem is, Peter Pan does not really do anything other than giving an order to fairies to fight the bad guys.  If the fairies are so powerful they would not have been nearly extinct at all.  If they cannot defend themselves without being ordered to, this is incredibly stupid.

Another subjective thing, although this is less of an issue, is that the protagonist does not look right.  He simply does not look like the athletic fly boy whose charm attracts both Tinker Bell and Wendy while having the brain to outsmart the villains.  This is a role that is very different from the protagonist in the first book of Harry Potter, so being adorable (in case anyone considers him to be) is just not enough.