Adapted from a popular Chinese internet novel, 鬼吹燈之尋龍訣 (Mojin: The Lost Legend / The Ghouls) is a Chinese tomb raider / Indiana Jones style movie, about a team of tomb raiders trying to find a legendary flower bridging the living and the dead.  To my surprise this movie is well executed.  Although not at Hollywood quality, it has good pacing, a reasonable plot (excluding some death-defying sequences) (note: the original novel author was directly involved in helping with the screenplay) with successfully integration of Chinese fengshui, interesting protagonists, some humor, and standard action sequences to form an entertaining package.

Note: in the movie it establishes a rule that if a candle is blown out when a coffin is opened, the tomb raiders must return the belongings to the dead.  This is not really explained explicitly in the movie, because Chinese government forbids ghosts in movies, and in this case, the explanation is that ghost(s) come out to blow the candle.