In 1998, a family went to hike in Taiwan and shot a video in V8.  In the footage they found a mysterious little girl in red (紅衣小女孩) following them.  This video, which can be watched on YouTube, is then submitted to a paranormal TV show and became widely known.

The movie 紅衣小女孩 (The Tag-Along) is inspired by this video.  An old woman is missing.  She comes back, then the grandmother of a man goes missing.  The grandmother reappears, then the man is missing.  It’s up to his girlfriend to find him.

Parts of this movie and some of its scares remind me of Ju-On, which I did not like because it did not have a complete story.  As a Taiwan production, this movie exceeds my expectations.  It captures the essence of Ju-On scares with its own additions based on Taiwan folklore, and fills it with a complete story.  Although I appreciate the atmosphere presented in this movie, and agree that ghost scenes in brightly lit scenes cannot be very scary, this movie is visually too dark for far too many scenes.  It also has some minor plot issues: the movie establishes the rule of a victim naming the next, but does not follow it strictly, and there are contradictions regarding whether the ghost/demon is afraid of light or not.