Garasu no Hana to Kowasu Sekai / Garakowa: Restore the World (Blu-ray release 2016-2-17) is an anime movie about two magical girls who are actually antivirus programs.  They operate in a virtual world where records of different periods of human civilizations are kept as data backups.  Their job is to defeat the viruses and deleted the affected data.  One day they meet a mysterious girl Remo, who indirectly teaches them humanity by enjoying human life.

The animations are gorgeous.  The animated versions of the world’s most famous tourist attractions are very beautiful.  The concept (not the antivirus setting, but the state of the human world) is promising, but unfortunately it falls far short of what it might achieve.  The combat sequences are average.  The really short duration does not allow the friendship to be fully developed.  The twist is interesting, but instead of explaining it in a few sentences of exposition some more plot should be added.  What actually happened finally in the human world can be very interesting as well, but it is mostly skipped over.

SPOILER – Explanations

The human counterpart of Remo was killed in a certain incident during a protest about environmental protection.  Her mother created mother.exe program in order to bring peace to the world.  As in any other science fiction, mother.exe determined that humanity is a threat to the world instead.  Her grandfather created the Violet Operating System (ViOS) on which mother.exe runs, in the name of her grandmother, who is actually Sumire – the girl who determined to play piano for the whole world, and her virtual counterpart is the friend of the antivirus program Dual.

The Remo program is a backup of mother.exe program, with the aim of collecting the good parts from the data backups.  However, with the good parts gone, the remaining parts of the data backups actively seek the missing parts.  To deal with them, Remo upgraded the antivirus programs to treat those data as viruses, so those data are deleted.  In the climax, the antivirus programs requested ViOS to downgrade themselves to the version before mother.exe toke over.