I never expect being faithful to the source material will be a major weakness of a movie, but that’s the central problem of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Not being a fan of the comic book, I found the Batman vs Superman idea to be fundamentally absurd years ago when I watched some animated movies that illustrate this, even though this idea has been around for decades (and might be accepted by comic fans).

The latest movie tries to rationalize that by civilian casualties brought by Superman fighting Zod such that it’s a little less hard to swallow.  Even if the audience were to accept this idea, during the central part of the movie, not much exciting stuff happens.  I don’t like the new Batman costumes either.  When the time comes to show the actual battle, the fight between the superheroes is not impressive at all.  Fortunately it is followed by another battle that is much better, and the scenes with Wonder Woman work exceptionally well.  Not a good start for Justice League.