I have always believed that superheroes should team up rather than fighting among each other.  Batman v Superman is a disappointing effort that failed to prove me wrong.  Captain America: Civil War surprised me by giving far more legitimate reason(s), while delivering a lot of really great action sequences from start to finish, with some humor too.  I also love the reference to Star Wars.  This is clearly one of the very best superhero movies, with some people declaring this is the best from Marvel.

Note: there are two extra scenes at the end.

  • Legitimacy of conflict: While the conflict in both movies originate from civilian casualties, the BvS conflict is not further justified other than a frame up that does not work, and a bad dream.  In Civil War, it is influenced by political reasons, shifting of blame, a frame up that works, and faith in friendship.  Not only those – at the end there is a really important spoiler-level reason revealed in the climax.
  • Frame up: BvS tries to frame Superman to do bad stuff.  This is clearly stupid.  In Civil War, a known villain is framed with photographic evidence, now that’s far more believable.
  • Superhero relationship: Batman really wanted to kill Superman for an illegitimate reason.  In Civil War, the superheroes still recognize the opposite side as friends even when doing battles.  Now that’s civil.
  • Action sequences: Superhero movie is a special type of action movie, so action is of utmost importance.  Civil War wins hands down, in quality and sheer quantity.
  • Superhero infighting: Everyone agreed that after the long setup, the Batman v Superman battle came down to a disappointing fight that’s not worth the time.  It’s just not energetic and not entertaining.  Captain American vs Iron Man battles in Civil War are far more energetic and exciting.  The aforementioned spoiler-level reason also makes the battle inevitable with an emotional core of a tragic nature.
  • Superheroine: BvS let Wonderman shine.  Black Widow, however, is present as a strictly supporting character only.