The Perfect Education (1999) (Blu-ray release 2015-12-2) is the first one in a movie franchise that consists of 8 movies by now.  From time to time there is news about pervert men kidnapping little girls to become their sex slaves.  Based on a novel, this movie uses the same idea – but with a difference.

After kidnapping a schoolgirl, the man does not rape or abuse her.  He only imprisons her and hopes that one day she is “educated” to be his perfect lover.  She offers her body to him in the hope of getting released early, but he declines.  Love eventually blossoms.  Although this sounds ridiculous, perhaps it is what makes this movie more unusual than some other erotic drama, which are often boring.  There are sex scenes late in the movie, but not to the level of soft porn.  The ending is ordinary, but has a dialogue that is muted and not subtitled.  If any reader knows what it says, please let me know.

The acting is great, and the supporting characters are quite interesting as well.  The willingness of the girl in the screenplay is not convincing though – she put up far too little resistance.  The only reason I can guess about how it can spawn so many sequels is that, perhaps it fulfills a kind of sexual fantasy for some people, as a different kind of soft porn.