orange (Blu-ray release 2016-6-15) is a Japanese youth romance movie adapted from a manga.  I watched it only because of its time travel aspect – the protagonist receives a letter from herself 10 years into the future.  This premise is interesting because it is unusually seen in time travel movies.  The letter foretells the events that will happen – she will fall in love with a transfer student, and asks her to avoid doing or not doing things that will cause her to have regrets in the future.

As a time travel movie, I’m slightly annoyed by the protagonist being too passive to avoid the predicted negative outcomes, even though I understand the story is made this way to create obstacles for the romance.  Another thing really odd is that her future husband, being a good friend of the boy, is far too willing to give her up and goes through no struggle at all.  Overall I find nothing noteworthy from all the potentially interesting aspects, and am disappointed.

Il Mare (2000) / The Lake House (2006), the Korean and the American remake of romance movie also based on the letter-from-the-future concept, are far better than this.