Even without having seen the original manga or anime adaptation of Bakuman (Blu-ray release 2016-4-20), I can tell this is a very good live action adaptation.  Two highschool students team up to draw manga, hoping to get it published by the influential Shonen Jump magazine.  Although drawing of manga sounds far less interesting than any other possible new ideas conveyed from manga, this movie manages to create an inspirational story with elements of rivalry and friendship, while showing the hard life and the intense pressure of manga drawing.

The movie tells a coherent and complete story with good pacing.  In order to illustrate the rivalry of drawing manga in a non-boring way, the movie adopts a clever idea.  I only have two nitpicks, one being the scratching sounds.  I’m a tiny little bit disappointed by not seeing the promise between the boy and the girl come to fruition, even though I understand it’s simply impossible for the movie as it toke the anime 75 episodes to get to this point.