Sailor Suit and Machine Gun (2001) – although this title sounds like one of those Japanese exploitative movies, it is strictly a drama featuring a teen idol with almost no action scene.  The machine gun is used for less than 4 seconds in the whole movie.

The protagonist a highschool girl wearing the typical sailor suit uniform.  She inherits the leadership of a tiny group of yakuza due to the death of its leader, and she is the only one remaining in the bloodline.  A plot about the missing drugs from her dead father emerges, a mysterious woman who claims to be her father’s lover shows up, and enemies try to get the drugs back, while she gets to befriend everyone in the group.  I’m not sure if it was a successful movie but it spawned two TV series in 1982 and 2006.  I find its pacing to be dull for my taste though, and the relationship building scenes also looked odd to me.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation (Blu-ray 2016-8-3) follows the footstep of the predecessor in casting an idol for the lead role.  This one is so pretty her photo brought down the web server of her agency, and is known as a “once in a millennium” idol.  Although the story takes places after the events of the 2001 movie, this movie cannot follow the old continuity because [SPOILER] everyone else was dead already.  So the 2016 movie is not an actual sequel to the 2001 movie.  As it is self contained with some background added, it is not necessary to watch the prequel first.

In this movie, the yakuza group was disbanded at the start of the movie.  They operate a struggling coffee shop instead.  Another drug appears in the city that ties them to their old enemy again, and an even greater threat appears.  This time politics is involved, and a corrupted cop has a great influence over the yakuza groups.  The story is richer this time with somewhat more action, so I’m pleased with it.