Nerve (Blu-ray 2016-10-25) adapts a novel about a game that allows anonymous people on the internet to pay and dare the protagonists to do crazy or even life-threatening stuff.  I almost wanted to stop watching it during the time-consuming initial setup scenes.  It’s not until the protagonists are dared to do really crazy stuff does the movie become interesting.

The whole thing is a pretty new idea – it originated from a novel after all – and I’m pleased with the idea and how it ends.  It is not a kill-the-bad-guy ending – it is rarely (if not never before) seen and involves a necessity to affect all the anonymous people who watch the game.  This is a commendable movie and its quality is generally not limited by its small budget.  However, there are certain transitions between scenes that need improvement.  In particular, a friend becomes an enemy for no good reason, then the enemy turns back into a friend for absolutely no reason.