Hong Kong movies often have dumb senseless plot that serves only as an excuse to show some action and/or comedy scenes.  Once in a while something distinctly different occurs – 寒戰II (Cold War II) (Blu-ray release 2016-10-19) follows the previous 2012 movie by the bad guys kidnapping the wife of the new police commissioner, and demanding the release of a prisoner.

There are a limited number of action scenes, which are done well, but this is clearly not the selling point of the movie.  The aggressive plot expands to a conspiracy involving the top government officials – a subject rarely seen in Hong Kong movies.  This is a timely movie that reflects the growing distrust and dissatisfaction with government in reality.  Perhaps together with the top cast, it propels the box office to a new level and is extremely well received by the audience.

Although the movie is engaging, the more I think about it the more problematic it is at a basic level – such as why a good guy suddenly becomes a bad guy for no reason, and whether it is realistic that a police commissioner does everything by himself, etc.  Reviews of this movie are not very positive either.  Anyway, regardless of any flaws, this series is elevated into the must-see category.  And we wait for Cold War III.