Adapted from a play, 暗色天堂 (Heaven in the Dark) (Blu-ray release 2016-10-7) tells the story of a Pastor, meeting an innocent churchgoer who is also his subordinate at work.  Their friendship grew and resulted in a French kiss one night.  A lawsuit followed and literally destroyed his life.  A strong performance from the cast, especially the lead actress, helps this movie and allows the audience to think about the different perspectives of the truth, who the real victim is/are, is the woman really innocent, etc.

I learned three things from this Hong Kong movie: 1. When you’re in an intimate relationship and your partner ask you whether you love her/him, there is absolutely one correct answer only.  2. When you are getting sued, and a lawyer is helping you, don’t reject his help.  3. Try not to get drunk and say bad things.