When two people never meet and you can feel their love, you’re watching a successful love story.  When a successful love story is complemented by gorgeous scenes of country side and realistic modern city that look even better than the real thing, you’re watching a beautiful love story.  When a beautiful love story also has sufficient humor, and comes with a suspenseful climax that involves a larger-than-life event, you’re watching an awesome love story.  When an awesome love story combines traditional culture, mysticism and sci-fi elements, I can only think of one adjective: Perfect.

This is Your Name. / Kimi no Na wa.  It starts with a boy and a girl switching bodies randomly when a comet is approaching.

Note: This movie reminds me of Il Mare (2000) and The Lake House (2006).  I actually watched Lake House after this.  While Lake House is a fine remake of Il Mare, their most important elements are already in this movie, I’ll say this movie is distinctly superior (even though this may not be a fair comparison).

SPOILER – Your Name. / Kimi no Na wa. Explained

The boy and the girl are on different timelines, with a difference of three years.  When they switch bodies, they also travel back and forth in time unknowingly.  (One of few things Il Mare / The Lake House did better is that the protagonists discover the time difference early on, whereas in this movie this is delayed in order to be presented as a twist – some people may find this to be very slightly unreasonable.)

He cannot see the comet because it approached three years ago in her timeline.  When he tries to call her phone, she is not available to answer because she is already dead in his timeline.

When the girl goes to Tokyo, the boy does not recognize her because the boy does not begin body switching until three years later.  After this shock, the girl cuts her hair.

After they finally meet in the magical twilight that transcends time, they forgot each other’s name because one must give up one’s most previous thing – their memories of each other – in order to return from twilight time.