S風暴 (S Storm) (Blu-ray release 2016-11-25) is a follow-up to Z Storm (2014), a crime thriller.  This sequel is self contained and does not require knowledge of the previous movie.  It involves both the Hong Kong Police Force and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) since there are deaths related to corruption in soccer gambling (“S” for soccer).  Obviously there would be tensions between the two groups of law enforcers.

This sounds like a nice and entertaining subject, but there are various points in the movie that are awkward, and some characters do things that make very little sense.  In particular, I don’t understand why a character would scream out loud when she is hiding from the bad guys, even if she sees something bad happens to someone she knows.  Problems like these make the preposterous plot hard to swallow.  The good cast is wasted here.