I have always loved movies in which the protagonist dies at the beginning.  For this reason I watched Too Young to Die! Wakakushite Shinu (Blu-ray release 2016-12-14), a Japanese comedy.

In an accident, the bus containing the protagonist and his classmates jumped off a hill.  Only the protagonist goes to hell, while most of the others presumably go to heaven.  Although there are a few scenes of comedic torture, hell is mostly a place for rock and roll music.  The protagonist gets a few chances to return to life as animals, but these are really short and mostly for jokes only.  He wishes that the girl he has a crush on survives, and hopes to find her.

I think this premise has potential, but the movie focuses on jokes, and music that I fail to appreciate.  The main plot should have been his quest to find the girl, but this goes nowhere, and is replaced by a different plot.  Neither one has sufficient development to be satisfactory.  We also get to see what heaven looks like, I think it’s quite creative though.