The Top Secret: Murder in Mind (Blu-ray release 2017-1-6) is a Japanese detective movie with a sci-fi premise: the police already have the technology to scan the brains of victims to obtain their visual memory before death.  This sounds like there’s not much criminal investigation to be done with the use of this technology.  So the story adds some constraints: the obtained visual memory is not acceptable as evidence in court due to political bureaucracy; the detectives who go through the procedure to obtain the memory from the dead tend to go crazy and commit suicide.

This sounds like a great idea to make an unconventional movie.  However, the story is made unnecessarily convoluted with multiple cases, along with some secrets behind the protagonists and the villains.  Unfortunately, after going through this long movie, it is still not entirely clear why certain events occurred, and what their significance is.  Worse yet, an important case remains unresolved.  It could have been a better movie if these flaws are fixed.