It is well publicized that Logan is the last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine.  It is less well known that Logan also marks the end of the original X-Men movie timeline started in year 2000 (assuming we’re not watching a parallel universe).

Previously, X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) felt somewhat shallow despite the CG spectacle, but this movie is a good drama with an emotional core – however, that comes at a huge price.  At the beginning, we’re told most of the mutants are already dead in 2029.  Wolverine takes care of the old and mentally deteriorating Prof. Xavier.  A girl with powers exactly like Wolverine shows up and is hunted by an evil corporation.  What follows is brutal and is unlike any of the previous X-Men movie at all.

I thought The Dark Knight (2008) was really dark, but Logan surpasses it to become tragic.

Note: There should be an extra scene before the movie.  However, in my place, there is no extra scene before and after the movie.