Instead of getting the long awaited Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0, we got Shin Godzilla (Blu-ray release 2017-3-22).  I think it is important to state what this movie is not first.  It is not a popcorn monster movie.  It is not yet another cheesy Godzilla movie in which a man dresses up in the rubber Godzilla suit and destroy a model city.  This is a serious, realistic drama with a focus on bureaucracy and politics.  Due to this deviation from reasonable mainstream expectation of what a Godzilla movie is, I do not think this can be considered as a mainstream movie.  This is a good movie, but most probably not a truly exciting entertaining movie people normally expect.

To appreciate this movie, one has to endure the never ending meetings – meetings at the top government level, meetings in the military, meetings of working level staff, meetings between Japan and other countries, etc.  I do not recall watching another movie with more meetings.  I cannot say I like all these meeting scenes, however, they serve the unique perspective of how a bureaucratic government can respond to the threat of a never before seen huge and powerful monster like Godzilla.  This movie is good not because of the meetings, but because of the realism, social and political issues, and the reinforced metaphor of Godzilla and nuclear weaponry through these meetings.

One aspect that I did not expect is that several scenes look very much like those in Evangelion.  As an Evangelion fan, I’m happy to see them.  I’m also happy to hear Evangelion music in this movie – even though I don’t think it is really used appropriately.