A lot of critics are disappointed by Ghost in the Shell (2017), the live action remake of the 1995 anime masterpiece.  They expect the new movie to retain the original philosophical exploration of whether there can be a ghost (soul) in the shell (machine), and what separates a human from a machine.  That’s just not possible for a mainstream movie to focus on that.  I expect this theme to be toned down, but it is actually dropped entirely from this movie.

Does this make the movie bad?  Not in my view.  Even without the depth of the original, it is still an entertaining action movie that shows us a futuristic and colorful fake Hong Kong.  Instead of really remaking the 1995 movie, this version toke the memorable characters and scenes and reimagined an entirely new story for them.  My main complaints are with the climactic treatment of the villain, and the tank looks too small.

P.S. As an Asian, I’m not bothered by the casting of the protagonist.