I love the opening of Attraction (2017) – Russian fighters shoot down an UFO, causing it to crash land in Russia while taking out the ceiling of the room where the protagonist is about to have sex.  Of the few Russian movies I’ve watched, this opening is the most impressive, and does not lose to Hollywood counterparts.

Unfortunately, things go downhill after the opening.  The alien turns out to be a tall and handsome guy who speaks human language perfectly, not unlike I Am Number Four (2011).  He saves the protagonist, so she decides to help him go home, not unlike E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).  I don’t mind the alien being a handsome love interest – this movie is called Attraction after all, even though the romance is average.  I do mind that the protagonist is a rebellious daughter (or son), that’s about the next worst thing than annoying children in movies.  To make it even worse, the protagonist chooses a really bad and not handsome guy to be her boyfriend before dumping him for the handsome alien.

The concept of the movie is fine even if not especially original, but various things do not make much sense.  Even if the alien speaks perfect Russian he decides not to communicate well, thereby creating military tension and putting himself at great risk.  The alien has super technology and an army of AI-controlled droids but is somehow vulnerable against an average teenager.  Earlier in the movie it says the UFO is 30% damaged, but then it turns out to be fully operational.