A Silent Voice / Koe no Katachi (Blu-ray release 2017-5-17) is a serious anime movie.  It sets its tone by beginning with the protagonist trying to commit suicide.  The story does not become more pleasant in the subsequent flashback.  We learn that as a child he bullied a cute transfer student who is deaf.  Unfortunately, the rest of the class is not friendly to the deaf girl either.  When things become so bad, it does not stop but becomes worse in a different direction: the protagonist becomes a victim of bullying.  Friendships break down.

The movie really deserves the really high scores it gets in reviews.  It not only shows us the horrible nature of bullying, it goes much further than that: as a result of bullying, the bullies themselves are not unharmed.  In addition, almost everyone is guilty to different extents.  After the bully becomes a victim, he realizes what he did was wrong and tried to reach out to the girl, and to mend the broken friendships.  We see that this is a long and really difficult process.  However impossible this task seems to be, the movie makes everything believable.