Dangal (Blu-ray release 2017-5-24) is currently the highest grossing Indian movie.  It is a biographical sports drama about a father, who has no son, trains his daughters to be wrestlers.  Aside from perfect execution of a sports movie formula, this movie is unique because of the gender inequality the protagonists face in the particular social environment they live in.  Having the girls to do wrestling is an unimaginable crazy thing in the village.  It is remarkable to see the family persevered against all odds.  What makes it even more amazing is that this truly happened.  The depiction of the father-daughters relationship is also exceptionally well done.

This is a long movie.  At one point when the daughters reached a significant achievement, I thought the movie ends.  I was wrong, it was only half the movie.  What follows is a dramatic continuation to reach a much higher achievement.  This keeps the movie interesting.  However, many of the really dramatic events are mostly fiction instead of real history.