Midnight Diner was a manga series that spawned a TV series, two live action movies, and a Chinese adaptation that became a disaster.  This is not a food show, but via the food the slice-of-life drama about various customers are presented.  In the two Japanese movies (Blu-ray release 2015-7-29 / 2017-5-24), some stories are more positive than the others.  This is supposed to be a heart warming drama, otherwise it wouldn’t be this popular, but I don’t get it.  While some stories do end well for the characters, there is far more hopelessness than I expected.

[MINOR SPOILERS] Romantic relationships are broken.  A separated family is not reconciled – not even a word is spoken to each other.  Yet the characters seem satisfied and give us smiles to be heart warming.  It seems to me non-happy endings are presented as happy.  Perhaps the point is that in spite of such hopelessness, someone out there helped the strangers a little bit, so we should be happy about it, and we shouldn’t be too greedy to ask for true happy endings?