Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (Netflix) is the most important documentary I have ever watched, period.  I find it important because it reveals how mankind is destroying our planet unknowingly.

Years ago I read from newspaper that animal agriculture causes a really high percentage of green house gases.  Without further explanation I did not realize its significance.  After watching this documentary now I do.  To supply the meat desired by the global human population, a huge amount of animals are grown to be eaten.  They take time to grow up, consuming a lot of water and food, and excreting to the environment, daily.  Their food needs to be grown, which in turn requires an even larger amount of land that can only be obtained by destroying rain forests.

The strange thing is that most environmental protection organizations do not talk about this subject.  The documentary provides two explanations: it affects funding, and activists tried to save rain forests were murdered by the industry.

For this argument to work, its statistics need to be right.  The documentary quoted a study which said 51% of the greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture.  There are other people who disagreed with this figure and attacked this study.  However, the revised figure is still something like 15%, which is even higher than the transportation emissions.  So, it’s really high and deserves at least as much attention for people who care about the environment.

It is also noteworthy to point out that Greenpeace has an official response to their refusal to be interviewed for this documentary.  However, that response looks odd.  They had somehow determined they would be unfairly misrepresented before they speak of anything.