I’m attracted to Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You (Blu-ray release 2017-6-21) because its title implies time travel, but it turns out that the movie does not employ conventional time travel mechanics.  One day the protagonist meets a woman in the train.  They begin a romantic relationship, but with every little progress in the relationship, the woman cries.  She also knows a few things that he never told her, or only happen in the future.

Halfway through the movie the truth is revealed, but it only establishes a special rule for their relationship without further exploring the sci-fi background behind.  For a movie totally focused on romance, this is fine with me, as long as its does not create problematic non-explainable subplots (as in Forget Me Not (2015)).  Arguably the main point of the movie is to watch the protagonists’ response when they learn the truth, and what they do about it.  In normal movies lack of surprise in the ending is often not dramatic enough, but in here it is both heart warming and heart breaking to see it progress towards the inevitable foretold conclusion.