I’m happy to see a remake of Excalibur (1981).  Unfortunately, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Blu-ray release 2017-8-8) is nothing like that.  No Merlin to be seen in this movie.  Mordred (the bad guy in the legend) dies at the beginning.  The charm of the legend is lost in this reinvented story.  As another reviewer pointed out, this is just a Lion King (1994) story.  That being said, the battle scenes against the monsters are quite stylish, although occasionally some action lacks clarity – in particular, I couldn’t see precisely how Mordred is defeated.  I also find the fast cuts in the narrative annoying.  Although it is not what I want it to be, as a generic fantasy action movie I find it acceptably entertaining.  Since it is a flop, without a sequel I don’t even get to see Merlin.