I made the mistake of watching Saki Live Action Movie (Blu-ray release 2017-7-5) without knowing it is preceded by a TV series.  This is an adaption of a manga about schoolgirls competing in mahjong.   Since this movie is a kind of finale for the TV series, it starts immediately in the competition.  Fortunately there are brief flashbacks so it does not hinder my understanding of the movie.

Whereas Hong Kong gambling movies always involve cheating, this movie is different.  They do not cheat, but rely on things that are irrelevant to mahjong, such as a plush toy, and invisibility – not in the supernatural sense but in the manga sense.  Since this is originally a manga series, friendship is the most important thing in it.  I suppose fans may like it, but aside from the flashbacks, there is not much drama or plot to be found here.