Genocidal Organ / Gyakusatsu Kikan (Blu-ray release 2017-10-25) is an adaptation of a sci-fi novel by Project Itoh, who died at age 34.  In the future USA and some countries employ mass surveillance following a nuclear attack of Sarajevo by terrorists.  The military developed a psychological tuning method that allows soldiers to kill enemies including children without moral conflict or hesitation, and technology to mask their pain even after sustaining life-threatening injuries.   Meanwhile a bad guy causes genocides at various countries using an unknown method.  The protagonist is a soldier, whose task is to track down this guy and assassinate him.

From an entertainment (rather than literary) point of view, the previous anime adaptions of Project Itoh novels – Harmony and The Empire of Corpses are not completely satisfactory.  I am glad to report that this movie not only provides a thought provoking and philosophical commentary about freedom, war and humanity, there are enough action sequences and drama that make the story interesting.  My only complaint is the protagonist’s unexplained love of the woman he meets in his mission, since it seriously affects everything he does.