Although I’m generally interested in the Godzilla series, I would not call myself a fan.  I do not have high hopes for the CG anime incarnation – Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (Netflix), but it turns out to be better than expected.  Unlike the previous Godzilla stories, this one starts in a spaceship carrying the last human beings drifting in space to find a new home, after planet Earth was devastated by Godzilla and other monsters.  They gave up and decided to go back to Earth.  After a warp jump, they arrive at Earth 19200 years later, not unlike Planet of the Apes (1968).  Guess what creatures await them.

The introduction of extra terrestrials helping human beings (with possibly other motives), space ship, high tech gadgets, and different groups with different political agenda make this world more complex than other entries in the series.  With this setting it can easily extend to far more than the planned trilogy.  I suspect that even when the trilogy completes the political schemes and agenda may not be fleshed out before everybody dies.

Back to this Part 1 movie.  Structurally it spends a lot of time setting things up, and there is no exciting action scene, excluding brief flashbacks, until they reach Earth.  Given the title, I expect to see different varieties of monsters, but I’m slightly disappointed that other than Godzilla there is only one type in this movie.  No doubt we will see more in the next two movies.  What I like most about this movie is the elaborate and difficult plan to defeat Godzilla, with lots of sacrifices.  It makes the corresponding plan in Godzilla Resurgence (2016) look like a cheap trick.