Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (Blu-ray release 2018-10-31) is the kind of sequel that absolutely requires the viewers to have watched the original movie first.  It follows from the previous ending immediately.  Initially it appears that the grim reapers need to bring a major character from the original movie to trial, but this part does not really get much emphasis.  The action in this subplot is also simplified.  I think this part is mostly a distraction and waste of time.

Rather, the emphasis is on two other subplots.  The first concerns a grandfather who should have been dead, but is protected by a god.  I do not think this part is noteworthy.  The other reveals the backstory of the grim reapers before they died 1000 years ago.  This melodrama turns out to be the highlight of the movie, and I actually like this much more than the courtroom in hell that operates with rules I could not understand, or the CG monsters that made no sense to me.  So to summarize, I think one third of this movie is good.