School-Live! / Gakkou Gurashi! (Blu-ray release 2019-7-3) is not a conventional zombie movie.  Adapted from a manga, this live action adaptation shows a group of schoolgirls living in a school amidst a zombie outbreak.  They quarantined themselves to the upper floors while the student zombies wander below.  This works for a period of time, until they need to go through a room full of zombies to get some supplies.  One of the girls is schizophrenic and imagines she is still having a normal school life and attending class.  Another girl is burdened with the guilt that she had to kill the boy she loved after he protected her and became a zombie.

The concepts are certainly interesting and original in this slice of life movie – this is taken from a manga after all.  The movie itself is not too convincing, as only two of the girls attempt to do any combat while the others are powerless and need to be saved.  It is inconceivable how they could have survived in the first place.  The emotional weight that the subplots try to convey feel somewhat limited in the movie.  Although I cannot call this adaptation a success, it shows potential of the original material.