Review: White Lily

White Lily (Blu-ray release 2017-9-2) is the dullest entry in the five Roman Porno Reboot movies.  A couple adopts a young woman.  With the death of the husband, the two women grow closer and have an intimate relationship.  The middle aged wife has alcoholism and seduces a young man.  The young woman becomes jealous.  There is nothing special or interesting in this story, the characters, or the sex.


Review: Wet Woman in the Wind

Wet Woman in the Wind (Blu-ray release 2017-9-2) is another one of the five Roman Porno Reboot movies.  A woman tries to seduce the protagonist, who is a playwright, unsuccessfully.  She determines to win, so she has sex with other people in front of him.  When he becomes interested in her, she literally kicks him away.  The humor and the mild craziness of the story makes it slightly interesting.  The plot almost makes sense until it comes to near the end, when it becomes a mess for the purpose of having more sex scenes.  In this respect it is not so different from some action movies.


Review: Aroused by Gymnopedies

Aroused by Gymnopedies (Blu-ray release 2017-9-2) is one of the movies in the Roman Porno Reboot series.  In this story, a movie director is struggling with his career, and has no money.  Apparently he was fairly well respected, so women like to sleep with him, and he asks some of them for money.  Whereas people in soft porn are always shown to be enjoying sex, here the protagonist does it without showing any enjoyment at all.  He conveys a sadness and loneliness, for a good reason that I should not spoil.  The revelation also culminates in an interesting climax, in both the dramatic and sexual sense.

Review: Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss (Blu-ray release 2017-10-25) is not your average anime series.  It features a seriously gorgeous picture and cute children, who live in a town obsessed with exploring a huge hole in the ground known as the abyss.  The deeper people go down the abyss, the more damage is done to their bodies when they climb back up – this phenomenon is known as a curse.  Going beyond a certain level, there is no way to come back up alive – such a trip is known as the last dive.  For some crazy reason, the mother of the child protagonist chose to abandon her child and went to go through a last dive.  The protagonist is determined to find her mother at the bottom of the abyss, even if the abyss is filled with all kinds of horrible monsters.  This almost impossible task is made less impossible because a robot boy shows up in the first episode to save her.

I love its drawing style, and it is clearly an important anime series to be remembered for a long time.  However, eventually this story becomes really disturbing, even more so than Attack on Titan, to the point that at times it feels like a child torture porn.  For this reason, I do not think this is an appropriate anime for parents to watch with children.

Review: Geostorm

Geostorm is yet another disaster movie with some scenes that look similar to The Day After Tomorrow (2004).  This movie is just an excuse to have disasters at various locations – especially Hong Kong.  I never get tired of watching fake (or less fake) Hong Kong being destroyed in Hollywood movies.  On top of that, we get an explosions in space too.  Since I love disaster movies, I enjoyed it even as the story is ridiculous, such as requiring the US president to be present in order to simply reboot a system, or saying that a reboot will get rid of a computer virus.  Another problem with this movie is that this Geostorm movie does not have a geostorm.

Review: Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle: Creation (Blu-ray release 2017-10-24) is the prequel to the movie about the evil doll.  This is a forgettable movie with questionable logic and people behaving unreasonably.  When the protagonist has been haunted by the evil doll in a room, she chooses to go in again later.  When a friend sees via a keyhole that the evil doll is rocking chair, she chooses to go in too.  When multiple people experience the haunting, they do not discuss and do not escalate the issue.  When someone screams in an open area, their friends nearby do not hear her, but does only after she is locked inside a barn.  While there is an explanation for the nature of the evil doll, the scarecrow and the ugly woman crawling in the basement, and how they are related to the doll are not explained at all.


Review: War for the Planet of the Apes

To be honest I am not enthusiastic about a movie in which the humans are bad guys, and the monsters are good guys.  However, War for the Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray release 2017-10-24) surprised me.  In spite of being a “war” movie, there is far less war action sequences than I expected, other than the beginning and the end.  Many of the scenes are beautifully shot or CG enhanced.  The drama is very good, and reflects on the dark side of humanity.  This movie takes another step forward to the world depicted in the original Planet of the Apes (1968) that featured speechless and primitive human.  We see that humanity brings its own demise, not the apes.

Review: Let’s Go, Jets!

Let’s Go, Jets! (Blu-ray release 2017-9-13) is inspired by a true story of a Japanese high school cheerdance club winning a US competition.  Other than that other staff at the school were opposed to the idea of setting an extremely high goal, and senior students could not tolerate the training and quit, I suspect that not much else of what happened in the movie is true.

Instead of focusing on dance sequences the movie actually withhold them until the climax, and chose to spend time developing the various major characters.  The overall execution with various cliches work well enough for this underdog sports movie.  Coupled with the comedy and the good looks of the lead characters, this movie is pleasantly entertaining.

Review: Baby Driver

Baby Driver (Blu-ray release 2017-10-10) is an entertaining movie about a getaway driver.  The car chase scenes are stylish and energetic.  They look real, the drifts look cool, and the action timing is tuned to the music, making it very special.  It also maintains the tension successfully.

Review: P to JK / Policeman and Me (2017)

Someone suggested me to watch Policeman and Me (Blu-ray release 2017-9-13) because it shows a beautiful view from Mount Hakodate.  This scene turns out to be not as good as other ones I found from google.

Anyway, this is a live action adaptation of the shojo manga P to JK.  The protagonist is a 16-year old schoolgirl.  She meets a 26-year old policeman one night.  She is hurt when blocking an attack aimed at him, so he is determined to marry her.  He even formally asks her parents for approval.  Meanwhile she befriends a bad boy classmate.  Eventually the two love interests join forces to rescue her from even worse guys.

I suppose this story fulfills a schoolgirl fantasy about having a good guy and a bad boy to choose from, and getting married.  The protagonist is cheerful enough so she makes this pleasant to watch, even though I am not especially interested in this girl’s romance fantasy.  I suppose female audience with a uniform fetishism will enjoy this movie more than I do.